SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Adams “Far From OK”

Hands down one of the best new acts to come out of Nashville is Country singer-songwriter and Bixby, Oklahoma native Justin Adams. The first moment I heard this guy was shortly after he released his self-titled, independent, and debut EP to iTunes. Since the first listen, and the many times after that I knew in my heart he was going to be one who will take Nashville by storm. I still am captivated by his vocals, sounding much like the country music artists I have grown up listening to over the years. His voice is unique, deep, and different, so pure. He sings with an honest sincerity and passion that makes you believe the truth in every lyric. Each one of them is being sung from the heart.

One strum of the guitar at the beginning of “Far From OK” drew me in, always have been a sucker for an acoustic song. What made this one different is the way it catches you off guard, you think it just may be a song about Oklahoma from the title. But, what you don’t realize is that this one is much more than just a song about Oklahoma. This is a song about love, and about heartbreak. It’s about how the memories of that sad goodbye have a way of breaking you down in ways that you never thought they would.

I drove to Texas to lose my mind
I know it’s big but it’s way too small to hide from your goodbye
So I went to Colorado to wish upon those stars
That one would fall for me and fix this broken heart
Yeah I’ll go anywhere but there’s one place that I know can’t get too close
Cause when I see those signs for Tulsa I go back to where I lost ya
I’m trying to find my mind a better state
Cause your goodbye’s the reason why I stay
Far from OK

By far these are some of the best lyrics, and though it’s hard choosing, it’s the best song I’ve had a chance to hear so far by Justin Adams. The best part is you can not only hear the song, but you can watch the incredible performance of the song and not help to be taken back by the talent of this guy. He’s got it. One things for sure, this one took me on a rollercoaster ride, it broke me into tears with the performance, you can just feel this one. You can feel each lyric, and the emotion behind them, so in love with this song. It’s just that amazing, and I can see this being one of those songs that becomes the hit, the breakthrough song of the year. This one has the potential of doing big things, one things for sure, it is perfection. The song will have you spinning into a deep, intense, overflow of emotion, and you will feel “Far from OK,” after it ends.

Please take a listen to this song, let us know what you think @gotcountry. Better yet, send @justinadams51 a tweet to let him know what you think. You can download Justin’s debut EP HERE, via Amazon and iTunes. Let’s get this guy signed! 🙂



(Photo Credit: Zach Harrison Photography)

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