SINGLE REVIEW: Kellie Pickler “Closer To Nowhere”


Kellie Pickler is back with a brand new single, “Closer To Nowhere,” and her voice sounds stronger than ever.


This song reminds me of what it’s like to have a wide range of things to do in a town with someone you love, yet choosing to lay low because it makes it so much more meaningful in the end. The lyrics in this one will ring true in hearts of country girls and country boys who’s best memories of their life come from somewhere “closer to nowhere,” out in the countryside, down a back road with no traffic, nobody around you, or down by the riverside. Give me a million moments like that where some of life’s greatest memories were created and they will forever reside in my heart.


We can go someplace where there ain’t nobody around us

Take a ride out there where the stars look a little more crowded

Come on now tell me what you think about it

We can go anywhere somewhere a little closer to nowhere

We can park on a hill and roll it on down to the riverside

Sit and watch the moon shine on the water like a streetlight


Closer To Nowhere” is off Kellie’s current album “The Woman I Am“, and is available for download HERE.


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