SINGLE REVIEW: Kristian Bush “Trailer Hitch”

Kristian Bush I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song. Love everything about it. “Trailer Hitch“. From the first finger snap, I was drawn in and didn’t want to leave!!! . The instrumentation is country funky and has some reggae rhythm running through it (pedal steel). As I am writing this and listening to the single, yet again, my shoulders are still moving to the music. My eyes are lit up with happiness and I already know some of the lyrics! When I saw the title of the song, “Trailer Hitch“, I was thinking this was gonna be another song about redneck living, tailgates, beer and partying. What an awesome surprise! “Trailer Hitch” is really an ode to good living! Living your life in its simplest and most honest form. Even the guy with the most toys can’t take ‘em with him when he leaves this good Earth! Hence the lyrics:

Don’t know why everybody wanna die rich….can’t take it with you when you go …never seen a
hearse with a trailer hitch…
It ain’t about what you’re driving…
The less I have to worry about, the more time I’ve got for smiling….
You can’t take it when you go….give it away…

Trailer Hitch” is lyrically catchy, melodic, and danceable whether you are doing a line dance, dirty dancing or just swaying to and fro. And, it is kind of anthem for being joyful and appreciative and giving. It is all encompassing of yummy, marvellous feelings!!!! Adults and children alike will be grinning ear to ear because of the beat, the melody and the lyrics. Wow, thank you Kristian Bush for my song of the summer. Uplifting, joyful and a reminder that the bigger
and more isn’t always better.

Trailer Hitch” is set to be released officially on July 28. Written by Kristian Bush and Tim Owens and Kristian’s ‘incredible’ brother Brandon Bush.

‘Tim had been joking around with phrases, and he said, “Kristian, I have never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch.” I laughed so hard I could barely breathe.’

Kristian is one half of the duo Sugarland and has been immersed in the country music community for more than two decades as a Grammy award winning singer, a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. “Trailer Hitch” will be Kristian’s lead single off his first solo album that he has been working on with Byron Gallimore via Streamsound Records.

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