SINGLE REVIEW: Love and Theft “Whiskey On My Breath”

Love & Theft’s new single “Whiskey on my Breath” is exactly what country radio needs. The duo, consisting of Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles is showing off their serious side with this new single. Love & Theft have always had flawless harmonies and “Whiskey on my Breath” proves no different. Those flawless harmonies combined with some of their best vocals and meaningful lyrics has insured that they have a hit on their hands.

Stephen Barker Liles wrote the song with Tyler Reeve, Trent Tomlinson, Russell Dickerson, Adam Craig and Mark McGuinn at his family’s cabin.

The meaningful lyrics take a big step away from the duo’s last single, “Night That You’ll Never Forget.”

Oh I know I’m goin to Heaven,

But I can’t go and be like this.

I need to pull myself together before then,

Lord I ain’t afraid of dyin’.

But what scares me to death,

Is meeting Jesus with whiskey on my breath.

With lyrics like those, the song leaves the listener reflecting on life and the struggles that have led to where one is. Those that have followed the duo closely know that this isn’t the first time they’ve showcased their serious side and shown raw emotions in their vocals, but I think most will agree that the emotion of this song is on a new level completely.

Whiskey on my Breath” is the lead single & title track off their upcoming album due out February 10, 2015. The album is expected to include more of the serious side seen in “Whiskey on my Breath.”

They debuted the song at the Opry last night, November 25, 2014.

Whiskey on my Breath” is by far the best work yet from Love & Theft. It should be their next number one and catapult them back to the top of country radio.

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