SINGLE REVIEW: North 40 “Tell Me Somethin’ Good”



The Urban Dictionary defines “north forty” as far away … “I parked in the north forty.” Sometimes you have to go way out there, put a few thousand or so miles on the tires, to truly get what life is all about. Hello North 40 (duo Paige Logan and Heather Looney).


Heather sums up life after your 39th birthday,

“The music we have created in North 40 is a vivid expression of what we have seen, tasted and touched throughout our lifetime. …

Living life to the fullest … This is what North 40 is all about”


Songwriting friends since arriving in Nashville some twenty plus years ago, their lyrics are their lives, their sisterhood – women over 40 who know dreams can come true at any age.


Life has a way of putting dreams on hold. Then there comes the day you find yourself breaking free of that ‘hold’.


“Tell Me Somethin’ Good” (the follow up single to “Hey Girl Hey) puts into song a universal wish – enough with the bad news, doesn’t anyone have something good to share?


North 40’s debut album, Sing Your Own Song, will be released Tuesday, 1/28.


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