SINGLE REVIEW: Parmalee “Close Your Eyes”

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You may have heard Parmalee blasting through your radio speakers with their hit, “Carolina.” The first moment I heard that song I knew brothers Matt and Scott Thomas alongside their cousin Barry Knox and best friend since childhood, Josh McSwain had a hit.


The band is currently signed to the Stoney Creek Records division of Broken Bow Records amongst the likenesses of Craig Morgan, Thompson Square, and Jason Aldean.


This time around Parmalee is back with a new single titled “Close Your Eyes.” This single definitely showcases the vocals of the band as a whole, it proves how great they sound together and just how great they are at bringing forth emotion through very catchy romantic and sexy lyrics! It’s definitely one you will find yourself singing along to as well:


” Hey baby ‘fore the night gets any older

Lean your pretty self over here a little closer

I need to hold ya, I want to show ya

What you don’t wanna miss, nooo

It’s all gettin’ to what we’ve been waitin’ on

I’m gonna go and turn you and the night on

Comin’ on strong I’m gonna lay it on your lips

Might wanna close your eyes for this”


I’m pretty positive that Parmalee just released another hit! It’s worth checking out!


The single is currently available HERE via Amazon and iTunes.


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