SINGLE REVIEW: Rascal Flatts ‘Riot’

The guys of Rascal Flatts are back at it again with their third single off of ‘Rewind‘ which hit radio on November 24th titled, “Riot.” Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney have always had a knack of finding songs that display perfect harmonies with one another. I think what’s always defined them as a group is the way the trio showcases each of their vocal talents equally throughout the song choices on the albums. It’s also been amazing to see their fan base grow over the years, they’ve had many loyal Flattheads along with them for the ride since we first heard them “Prayin’ For Daylight.” One things for sure, the daylight never ceased and their careers still shine as bright as ever.

The beginning of this song really sets the mood for the rest of it. The way the instruments come together, it makes it all the more magical. Then, Gary comes in with his pure vocals and you’re drawn in to hanging around until the very end. This is one of those ballads that only Rascal Flatts can pull off so perfectly. I’ve always loved their harmonies from day one, and there isn’t any denying the talent they have to find songs that suit them. The lyrical content of this song makes this one a favorite of mine.

I’d be ridin’ in a cab goin’ downtown
Findin’ faces I know in a big crowd
Tryin’ to drink the pain away, mhmm
And I’d be stayin’ out all night, never goin’ home
Girl you know I’d lose all control
If I lost you

There would be a riot
Breakin’ of my heart, I’d try to fight it
I could go out every night but I’d be lyin’
If I said I could live and breathe
Without you
There’d be a lot of lonely
Wishin’ and prayin’ that you would hold me
I would do most anything baby
If only you would come back to me
Come back to me
There would be a riot
Oh yeah, oooh



2 thoughts on “SINGLE REVIEW: Rascal Flatts ‘Riot’

  • December 30, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    I don’t think it’s that great of a song. Too much high pitched screaming.


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