SINGLE REVIEW: Robby Johnson “Feel Good Song”

I’m not exactly sure what rock I have been hiding under, but this is the first time I am hearing of Robby Johnson. His new single, “Feel Good Song,” is a follow up to his debut single, “South of Me,” which I had to give a listen to after hearing the follow-up. I couldn’t have imagined picking a better song as the next release, because this one is more fun, upbeat, and just like the title states, makes you “feel good.” Country music fans everywhere will catch on to Robby’s energy and catch on to the way his music makes you want to chill, kick back, relax, and just to live out each moment in your life to the fullest.

You’re the rock in my roll the star in my show
The turn it up loud with the windows rolled down on a back road
You’re the swing and the sway and I like it that way
The twang in my thang when I’ve had a bad day baby don’t you know
You lift me up pick me up higher
That a tight ride tricked out jacked up
Chromed out truck on a long drive

Robby has not only already had 3 million YouTube views, but he has also already made an appearance on David Letterman’s, Late Show.I must not fail to mention that Billboard magazine had wonderful things to say about Robby as well. Take note that Robby co-wrote 6 tracks off of his upcoming album. He’s already written with some of Nashville’s biggest and best songwriters, Jimmy Nichols who has penned hits for Elton John¬†and Faith Hill, as well as, the Grammy award winning Frank Myers who has had hits with ‘I Swear,’ ‘I’m Already There,’ and also ‘Tomorrow.’ The video will release shortly after the song hits the airwaves so make sure to keep an eye out for it. Currently, Robby is on a radio tour to promote the release of “Feel Good Song,” but stay tuned for not only his album release date, but also his tour dates, HERE.

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