SINGLE REVIEW: Stephanie Quayle “Sugar High”


 Stephanie Quayle grew up on a farm in Bozeman, Montana and has always had a love for music and a passionate dream to become a country music singer. Stephanie’s single from her second Rebel Engine release entitled,” Sugar High,” was written by Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace, and Steve McEwan.

This song really showcases her unique country sound which I think will help to make her stand out from the crowd when it hits country radio this Spring. I absolutely love her vocals in this song, and the lyrics definitely will resonate with the country music listeners. Great job Stephanie, cannot wait to hear more! I’m loving these lyrics:

“Lying here on this blanket just us and a

Billion stars

Listening to that river rolling on to the beat of our hearts

You lean in a little bit closer

And their ain’t no come back down

Either the moon’s sinking lower or we’re floating a

Hundred feet off of the ground

I wish we could lie here forever

With your lips this close to mine

I’m a breath away from heaven

This rush I’m getting

I feel like I can touch the sky

Your sweet love has got me on a Sugar High”

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