SINGLE REVIEW: Steven Padilla’s “When I’m Drunk”

We’ve all been there before, in the face of a break up and stuck in the tunnel of memories that a relationship can leave behind. Sometimes it seems the only way out of that tunnel is to drink those memories away, only to find that the more you drink, the more the memories come back. That’s the feeling and emotion that Steven Padilla gives off in his new single, “When I’m Drunk”.

The song describes the gripping reality that every night there’s still the sting of the lost relationship.

“The light of day hides the hurt, of what we had, what might have been.”

Padilla sings as he’s describing that getting through the day is the least of his troubles. It’s when he gets home for the day that reality takes it grip on him. The emptiness of the home and the loneliness that he feels creeps up on him, draws him to drink, and ultimately makes him think about what he’s trying to forget.

It’s no doubt that while you are listening along to Padilla sings the chorus of the song, that you’ll almost be able to feel exactly what he felt as he wrote, if you aren’t already feeling it in your own life. The, what some would call, basic music that accompanies the song, does so perfectly in a way that takes you through the difficult pain that comes with this experience that so many despise. He does a great job lyrically speaking, explaining the trials that one goes through alone after a break up, and how drinking, can cause those trials to spiral.

Katie Marker

Katie Marker

Born and raised in southern Minnesota close to the Iowa border I'm about as Midwest as it gets. Grandparents listened to and exposed me to country music at a young age. From all that was current in the early 90's to the classic swingin' sounds of Pasty Cline and the dark soulful voice of Johnny Cash. I was also exposed to the Rock n Roll genre through other family members and I dabbled in all the other genres in high school. All in all, I'm a lover of music. Period. But I swing slightly south when it comes to my favorite. Country music. Concert fanatic. Lover of life. Traveling free spirit. Hoping I can make Nashville my home someday. Until then, I just keep going back.

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