Watch: Luke Bryan High School Acting Debut


Most artists today attribute their earliest performances to performing on stage while still under the legal age, performing many roles in throughout high school years in drama and theater productions. But how many of these performances have been filmed, let alone distributed to the masses.

Well Luke Bryan fans, you’re in luck. Posted back in April, your booty-shaker is caught on film portraying Frank Butler in a high school production of “Annie Get Your Gun“. Singing “I’m A Bad, Bad Man“, who knew back then that the ladies would be throwing themselves at the “Rollercoaster” singing years down the road (albeit security stops today’s fans from conducting themselves from acting like the lucky gals on stage with the country cutie)? Have to admit though, Bryan sounds good in musical theater.

Did you ever perform with someone famous in a high school production? We want to see! Leave us a comment with the link to the video!

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