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If you haven’t heard “That’s How We Do Summertime” then you are missing out. This summer’s anthem is sung by country group Chasin’ Crazy. Who is Chasin’ Crazy you might ask? This band is formed by 5 talented guys: Landon Parker, Jimmy James Hunter, Creigh Riepe, Travis Fincher, and Forest Miller. I had the opportunity to sit down with my fellow correspondent, Aimee Graham, this past June during CMA fest and meet these guys in Nashville.

Chasin’ Crazy evolved in 2012 when Jimmy and Forrest met while both were in Nashville playing at the same gig. It was that same night that both Jimmy and Forrest met Travis and the beginnings of Chasin’ Crazy began to form.

“Forest and I played together and instantly clicked,” said Jimmy. “We must’ve played every club in Nashville, before we decided that it was time to build on what we had, so we went looking for a drummer.” “For some reason I remembered meeting Travis at that show years before, so I gave him a call to see if he was interested in joining us. He heard us play, and a few weeks later he joined the band.”

“I was blown away by their musicianship and professionalism and I could already see the huge potential for an amazing future together,” said Travis.

The then trio performed for several months until Scott Siman and April Rider from RPM Entertainment approached them realizing these guys had talent, great musicianship, and a strong enough passion to be a successful group. The next step for the guys was to try and achieve a bigger sound by expanding the group. The first addition was Landon; at the time Landon had his own band in North Carolina, and he actually came as a suggestion by one of Jimmy’s fans. Jimmy loved his sound and reached out to Landon to try and persuade him to come out to Nashville. After making the trip to the Music City, it didn’t take long for Landon to realize that he naturally felt at home with the band, so Landon packed up and moved to Nashville to be fully committed to this new adventure. Several months down the road the then foursome rounded out with the addition of Creigh’s keyboard and vocal skills, when then discovered him from a performance at Belmont University in Nashville.

Over the past 2 years these 5 fun, lovable, and talented heartthrobs mastered their craft and strengthened their bond while touring and writing songs together. The name Chasin’ Crazy was created through a title of a song written by Jimmy, it embodies the spirit of the guys as a whole and the time in their lives right now. Each of the guy’s exemplify the “crazy” we all try to pursue and its their unwavering dedication to chasin’ the dream they’ve set out in becoming the next great group in Nashville.

The group recently released their debut single “That’s How We Do Summertime,” written by Matt Ramsey ( “Chainsaw”/The Band Perry and “Wake Up Lovin’ You“/Craig Morgan) and Tommy Karlas (“Roll With Me”/Montgomery Gentry), at the beginning of May. The single is an up-tempo, windows down, sunroof back, radio blaring, feel-good tune about celebrating summer with your friends. It’s already showing success as being one of the most-added singles at Country radio.

Chasin’ Crazy stands out in their distinct sound with Landon’s deep voice strongly influenced by the sultry sounds of Chris Young mixed with a touch of Scotty McCreery at the helm of their single, while the strong harmonies and stand out vocals in Travis, Creigh, Forest, and Jimmy round out the tune. Where most groups in country are taking the bluegrass or rock route, Chasin’ Crazy is definitely paving their own path in country music in the sound they’ve developed unlike any other 5+ member group in country right now.

These guys are unlike anything I’ve heard in country thus far and I see a big future for these guys as they continue to pursue their dream in music. At a concert or on the radio isn’t the only place you’ll see or hear them either.. Fans of Chasin’ Crazy can look forward to seeing them on a new reality show on GAC coming sometime in August as well as the release of their debut EP to be released in the near future!  For more info on the band click HERE.

We recently had the chance to talk to the guys while they were in the studio finishing up their EP.  You can watch our interview with them below.

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

I am a country music loving cowgirl with a passion for helping kids with cancer. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL where I currently reside. When I am not submerged in country music, I am a professional photographer, social media junkie, and most importantly devoted to children with cancer. Jesus has blessed me with the gift of crocheting and I started my organization, Unraveled by Samantha Dawn, where I make crochet hats and wigs. I have also had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the children that I have made hats for. I look to Country Music for comfort, joy, and relaxing. It’s cool to be part of the very best fan base ever!

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