Jake Owen Releases New Video For “What We Ain’t Got”

Jake Owen released the brand new music video for his emotionally charged single “What We Ain’t Got” yesterday.

Known for his laid-back vibe and beach party anthems, Owen showcases a much different side with his latest offering penned by Travis Jerome Goff and recovering addict Travis Meadows.

“I was immediately taken by this song and Travis’ [Meadows] raw honesty,” shares Owen. “This is an anthem for people living real life which is what country music is – telling stories about real life. There’s a line that goes ‘I wanted the world ’till my whole world stopped’ and I really feel what Travis meant by that. Everything halted when my dad went through cancer last year. It was difficult to see the man that I looked up to the most and was the pillar of strength in our family going through this. As difficult a time as it was, he is now cancer free and I’m so thankful.”


Filmed in Nashville, TN, the video for “What We Ain’t Got” features simple snapshots of real people who have struggled, experienced loss and provide inspiration to others, including songwriter Travis Meadows. Director Mason Dixon reinforces the visceral scenes with flashes of Owen performing the powerful song solo.  So do you like the new video?

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